Project Schedule

Workshop I
1st/2nd of June 2010 - Kick-off

Monday 5th to Thursday 8th of July 2010

Tuesday 20th to Friday 23th of July 2010

Thursday 16th 2010

Monday 20th to Friday 24th of September 2010

Workshop II
11th and 12th of October 2010

Concept development 
October - December 2010

SEMINAR at the University of Applied Arts
October - December 2010

- MEETING I: Wednesday 20.October 12.00 - Cross Over Studio, University of Applied Arts

- MEETING II: Wednesday 27.October 12.00 - Cross Over Studio, University of Applied Arts
Discussion of first steps of allocated tasks

- MEETING III: Wednesday 10.11. - 12.00
Review role models analysis, abstract (half a page) length text per role model, 2/3D pattern drawings, simulations and models, further tasks

  - MEETING IV: Wednesday 17.11.


12.00 Arne Hofmann und Clemens Breisinger (of Klaus Bollinger Tragkonstruktionen) - generative methods in structural design
14.00 Georg Glaeser, Wie aus der Zahl ein Zebra wird (From numbers to zebras; how a number becomes a zebra)

- ACTION DAYS Thursday and Friday 25. and 26. November (all day) - Cross Over Studio, University of Applied Art
With George Jerominidis - workshop days


Thursday 25. November - core team and students
14.00 Lecture George Jeronimidis, Sensors, Actuators and Fibre structures
15.00-18.00 Student presentations and discussion - patterns from nature

Friday 26.Novemberand Saturday 27th - only core team

- MEETING V: Tuesday 7.12. - 14.00 Review with Klaus Bollinger, - Cross Over Studio, University of Applied Arts

- MEETING VI: Wednesday 15.12. - Final submission - Hand-in final seminar work - date to be confirmed; - Cross Over Studio, University of Applied Arts

Workshop III
25th November 2010

- Sensors, actuators and fibre structures
With George Jerominidis

Model building production
February 2011
- May 2011
February 2011
- April 2011

Final event
May 2011- 19.00-21.00 Sliver Gallery, University of Applied Arts

- project presentation (Barbara Imhof, Petra Gruber)

- panel discussion


The aim of the discussion is to show different approaches to science-based design. We would like to foster a critical debate about the value of incorporating findings from the life sciences into architectural design methodologies. The panelists shall discuss their views, approaches focussed on the information transfer from nature to architecture.

- Greg Lynn – Professor, University of Applied Arts, Professor University of California Los Angeles, founder studio Greg Lynn
- George Jeronimidis – Biornametics team member, professor, Centre of Biomimetics, Reading, UK, guest lecturer at the Architectural Association
- Ille Gebeshuber – Biornametics team member, Professor, Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM, National University of Malaysia), Guest professorship, Institute of Applied Physics, University of Technology, Vienna
-Arne Hofmann – Partner, Bollinger&Grohman
- Georg Glaeser – Professor, Mathematics & Geometry, University of Applied Arts

Moderators: Barbara Imhof, Petra Gruber

- installation opening (by the whole team)

Booklet - publication
to be published March 2013