16. September 2010 @ LIQUIFER Studio, Vienna

Outline of the programming workshop ( using the processing language - )

1) 10.00-12.00, Introductory Session: "Bits&bytes all to the top"
* Logic gates, machine code, imperative programming languages, compilers/interpreters,
> Ex: Making sure processing works for everyone
> Lightbot game
> "Biornametics" in binary * Let's design an algorithmic tree!
Processing introduction, variables, loops, control flow
> hands-on programming exercises / simple drawing
> hack assignment: mouse interaction

2) 13.15 -15.15 Oh dear Parameter! About parametric/generative modelling, Growth & Animation
* Where goes my avatar when I turn the computer off?
Data representations, formats, and saying hallo!
> input/output assignment, functions, parameters

* Basic growth/animation for starters
> Generating broccoli
> Generative algorithms exercise

* What computers are good at
Agents, simulations
> Programming Agents, Part 1

3) 15.30-17.30h, Communication & Reactiveness, Physical computing
> Model Interaction, Programming Agents Part 2
> Processing applet generation for the web

Selected workshop output:
Biornametics in binary ascii codes (image courtesy of Petra Gruber):

The ascii characters are represented by white and black fields, a row for each character. Black fields signify a binary 1, white fields a binary 0.

Participant's showcase (Programming Agents):